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The Alaska Initiative Issue 8 is here!

It’s here, issue #8 of the Alaska Initiative! Click on the cover below to read it.

AKI Issue 8 page 01

And keep checking back for even more new issues in the near future! We are now two whole photo shoots ahead of the issue we just finished. We are already busy turning those shoots into what will be issues 9, 10, and 11!

Issue #8 previews!

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The League of Imaginary Animals Photo Shoot is done!


The League of Imaginary Animals photo shoot is done and it went amazingly! Thanks to a handful of brand new people we had our biggest cast ever as well as some of the coolest costumes ever. We’re now working on sorting through the 5,000+ pictures we took and doing early lay out. The shoot will probably have given us enough material for at least another two parter. This actually puts us one whole photo shoot ahead of the comic we are currently working on.

Speaking of issue #8 we are about half done with it. It i completely laid out, and we are in early stages of dialog and special effects. This is our first “fill in” issue. Originally we took the pictures so Holden could get used to his new camera before the rather large imaginary animals shoot. But the pictures he took were good enough and plentiful enough to be turned into a whole issue! Hooray!

On top of that we have ANOTHER photo shoot planned for the coming weekend. This will leave us with a proper backlog of Alaska Initiative comics to be working on and free us up to do a non super hero photo shoot. We’re not 100% sure what it will be yet, but chances are we will start working on something zombie themed to release at Halloween.

Issue #8 web bonus’ should be coming soon as well as the behind the scenes collages from the imaginary animals shoot!

Issue #7 of The Alaska Initiative has arrived!

The thrilling conclusion to the “Search for the Heart of Alaska” is here!

(click cover to open comic)

AKI issue 7 page 01

We are already busy working on issue #8 and are gearing up for a super big photo shoot that will hopefully get us a couple more issues worth of content!

We’re busy behind the scenes!

We’re busy putting the final touches on issue #7, although it’s still a few weeks out from publication. We also did a mini photo shoot chronicling a battle between The Dark Dismal and Hypno Pete. There will probably be a stretch of time between when Issue #7 comes out and the next big photo shoot, so what we did Sunday might be turned into a mini issue to hold everyone over while the League of Imaginary Animals assembles and plots the downfall of The Alaska Initiative!

01 02 03 04

Issue #6 Has Arrived!

We’re back with our biggest issue yet!

(click cover to open comic)

AKI issue 6 page 01

It won’t be too long before the conclusion to this story is published in issue #7, so keep your eyes here!