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Issue #7 of The Alaska Initiative has arrived!

The thrilling conclusion to the “Search for the Heart of Alaska” is here!

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AKI issue 7 page 01

We are already busy working on issue #8 and are gearing up for a super big photo shoot that will hopefully get us a couple more issues worth of content!

We’re busy behind the scenes!

We’re busy putting the final touches on issue #7, although it’s still a few weeks out from publication. We also did a mini photo shoot chronicling a battle between The Dark Dismal and Hypno Pete. There will probably be a stretch of time between when Issue #7 comes out and the next big photo shoot, so what we did Sunday might be turned into a mini issue to hold everyone over while the League of Imaginary Animals assembles and plots the downfall of The Alaska Initiative!

01 02 03 04

Issue #6 Has Arrived!

We’re back with our biggest issue yet!

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AKI issue 6 page 01

It won’t be too long before the conclusion to this story is published in issue #7, so keep your eyes here!

Nose to the Grindstone

We’ve been busy planning our next photo shoot, getting new people involved, and finishing the dialog for issue #6! Keep your eyes here over the next week for the release of said issue, till then here’s a peek at our latest meeting.

4-12-15 Meeting 01 4-12-15 Meeting 02 4-12-15 Meeting 03

A look behind the scenes…

We’re hard at work putting the finishing touches on issue 6. I thought it might be fun to give our readers a small look behind the scene’s and see the progression of page from the upcoming issue.

The scene features the beginning of the first battle between the new Grizzly and The Yodeler.

As you can see aside from adding in the special effects and getting the page lined up better some of the dialog has changed. We still have at least one more meeting planned to go over dialog and make sure everyone is happy with everything, so this page might see even more pages before final publication.

Look below the page break to see how this page has progressed so far!

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The Alaska Initiative is being reborn!

After a long time of inactivity the project will be starting back up soon! If you are interested in joining the reborn Alaska Initiative send me (Holden) a message on our Facebook page or an e-mail at


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