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Tales of Alaskan Murder! #1 Has Arrived


(click on the cover to read comic)

Our first non-superhero comic has arrived!  Enjoy this funny little murder mystery.

New Comics Coming soon!

Hypno Pete Day Job

Things have been pretty quite on the website recently.  The lackluster economy has been crushing the Alaskan Metahuman community pretty bad.  The Alaska Initiative have all had to take second jobs and even the city’s villains have had to take up real jobs.  Why even the homeless Hypno Pete had to get a job as a paper pusher at BALONEY offices downtown to finance his new Mark 2 device, although I assure you once he has enough money to complete its construction he will quite the job and return to a life of villainy. 


Seriously, though, expect at least 4 new comics over the next few months.  We are putting the finishing touches on the first issue of “Tales of Alaskan Murder!” and it will hopefully be published sometime in the next week.  And once that is out into internet land we will begin layout and dialog for the Alaska Initiative’s Search for the Heart of Alaska story, which we shot towards the end of summer and should fill about three issues.

On a side note we are in need of a new “Agent”, so if you are interested in putting on a tie and some sunglasses and taking a handful of pictures in front of a white wall drop us a line at

Issues 0-5 available as Trade Paperback


Thrills, chills, and bad puns! What more could one ask for. Look at what one reader had to say, “You WILL read this book. Eat Hypno-Trons pathetic mouth breather!”-H.Pete

We have collected the first five issues of the Alaska Initiative (plus issue #0) and made them available as a trade paperback through the print on demand site  The price is a little high because its full color and 163 pages, but the book looks great and I’ve set it so it is purely the cost of printing to make it as cheap as possible.

Photoshoot for The Search for the Heart of Alaska Finished!


heart promo

We recently spent the weekend camping out at Eklutna Lake.  While there we did a whole day’s worth of photo shoots that will over the next months become a few issues of The Alaska Initiative.  We also shot our first attempt at a non-super hero related comic teased below.

who murdered holden

Issue #5 Has Arrived!

Our best issue yet!  I know I say that every time but I feel it’s been true so far.

We embark on a group camping site this weekend to work on our first multiple issue story arch as well as our first non-super hero related project.  Keep an eye here during the next few months for those projects (or just like us on Facebook to keep track of when the page is updated!).  For the mean time enjoy the new issue!

(click cover to open comic)

Alaska Initiative Issue 5 Page 01


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